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Trent Harris' Report
A particularly detailed review with pictures and a range report.

R.D. - Atalanta, GA (05/2003 - posted with permission)
Dear AK-U.S.A.
Thanks so much for sending me such a high quality rifle at such an amazingly reasonable price. My AK-103 has received nothing but praise for its reliability and good looks from myself and all of my buddies that have tested it out. (Buddies includes -U.S ARMY RANGER INSTRUCTOR and ANOTHER IN SIMILAR SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION) This rifle has not failed on anyone yet and believe me it has been put through quite a test. For example we fired more than five hundred rounds through my rifle within about two hours on my last trip to the range and did not experience a single failure to function.
My personal opinion on your product is as follows. The AK-103 has an outstanding trigger system. There is no long creep as commonly associated with AK's and the pull weight allows for accurate long range target shooting. Accuracy is superb overall. Your AK-74 style muzzle break greatly reduces recoil and muzzle rise allowing for much faster well aimed follow up shots. Last of all, the powdercoat finish on my rifle has proven to be an asset in wet climate.
Keep up the good work,
R. D.
Atlanta, Ga USA
G.H. - Lebanon, NH (06/2003 - posted with permission)
Dear AK-U.S.A./Dear Chris,
I just wanted to write this letter to let you know how impressed I am with the work that you have done on my rifles. Over the past few months you have worked on about 5 of my AK collection and your work is absolutely first rate.
The AK-74 brakes you installed have made a big difference in the performance of my weapons, and the Gordon FCG's that you put in make the trigger much nicer than the originals, not to mention they count as US parts when converting some of the rifles to pistol grip configuration.
I think the thing that I like the most is the powdercoating that you have done for all of the rifles. What a tremendous difference it makes to have the outside finish of the rifle be so nice compared to the sometimes questionable finish that comes original on the rifle. It is also impressive that you spend the time to white letter the engravings on the receiver, it adds that little special touch to your work and makes all the difference in the final look of the rifle.
Anyway, I am now a very loyal customer of AK-USA and will continue to send you my weapons to work on. I would also like to look into the rifles that you put together as a possible addition to my collection. You do great work, I am very impressed.
A very loyal customer,
G. H.
Lebanon, NH USA
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