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complete kit assembly
Complete Kit Assembly: $CALL
Complete assembly on stamped receiver. Complete disassembly of demil parts set including removing old sheet metal and rivets. Re-install barrel, test fire, and install all internal and external parts. Additional U.S. parts required to complete assembly extra.

heat treatment
Ohio Ordnance Heat Treating: $CALL
We have enlisted one of the best laboratories in the country; a D.O.D. subcontractor. We carefully analyzed original specimens and arrived at a Rockwell range. We then verified that there is enough Carbon in the material to achieve this. The receivers are then put through a special process that eliminates all warpage/sagging/or scale. When complete, they are indeed hard, top to bottom, front to back, etc. The so-called heat treating that Ohio mentions is really a case hardening and is fully negated by the real process. The parts fall in the 34-38 Rockwell C range. All runs are fully sampled, tested and documented as we have done with our compensators. You may see photos of fully heat treated receivers in the gallery section of this site.

Refinishing: $CALL
I have spent days trying to duplicate the finish of the Russian rifles based on samples I have seen and my research on the topic. We considered things such as gloss value, texture, thickness, and durability...I think you'll be impressed. I actually found it to be more durable than the Bulgarian/Russian finishes. This is a baked on enamel finish that is not sold via any of the respectable stores that cater to the gunsmithing crowd. The product itself is roughly 4 times the cost of the finish we were using previously, so you know I must be impressed to go with that kind of expense.

romanian services
Romanian rifle services
$CALL Complete refinish of rifle. See above for details

$CALL Supply and install compensator
$CALL Correct canted front sight base or gas block
$CALL Tune Century Arms fire control parts (significantly improves trigger characteristics)
basic conversion
Basic Saiga Conversion: $CALL
Relocate trigger, make provision for pistol grip, install bullet feed guide, modify magazine catch, rivet old axis pin holes. No furniture, fire control parts or refinishing included.

Upgrades to basic Saiga conversion
A $CALL Supply and install K-VAR furniture - pistol grip (including screw and block), and buttstock
B $CALL Complete refinish of rifle. See above for details.
C $CALL Supply and install GTEC fire control parts
D $CALL Attach compensator (includes compensator and adapter)
E $CALL Supply and install military 2-piece handguard reatiner (includes removal & re-install of gas block & front sight) includes gas tube
F $CALL Upgrade to (D). Supply and install threaded military front sight assembly (Requires D) (E is recommended)
G $CALL Color factory markings
H $CALL Furniture upgrade to (A), upper and lower forends. Requires E.
I $CALL Furniture upgrade to (A), upper and lower forends. Requires E.
J $CALL Return shipping (required)
K $CALL Change gas piston (US). Not required unless using foreign furniture
L $CALL Use green or plum K-VAR furniture
M $CALL Weld old axis pin and rivet holes (6)
N $CALL Upgrade to 1000M rear sight
O $CALL Cut and re-crown barrel to 103K - 7.62 caliber only
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